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RinTinTin - a better GroupHelpBot for your network friend groups

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Table of contents:


RinTinTin is a group helper bot to manage a network of groups with the same settings, welcome message, rules, permissions and all alike.

It was mainly created for the lack of features and the unaddressed bugs present in GroupHelp, but then expanded to feature a more network-oriented approach for the Computer Science Italia network of friend groups.

Scope of the software

RinTinTin doesn't aim to be a I-Do-Your-Job bot, but rather a helper to address and automate common tasks such as muting, warning and banning of a user.



  • Mysql (or)
  • MariaDB (or)
  • PostgreSQL (or)
  • SQLite3 (defaults to ./data.db)

Prerequisites for running the Docker image:

  • Docker
  • Docker-Compose

One-Command-Installation (preferred method):

curl -O - | sudo sh -

from inside the directory you want the bot to be running (prerequisite: curl)

Manual installation:
First, get the binary executable in the desired directory (prerequisite curl || wget, latter as default)

VERSION=<version> wget`echo $VERSION`/RinTinTin-`echo $VERSION`-`uname -s`-`uname -m`-bin -O RinTinTin

Then, let the program generate the example configuration file, and adjust that as you see it fit your needs

./RinTinTin --generate-default-config

Now, optionally, install the custom service file to let the bot be ran at startup, quickly reloaded, and restarted (assuming systemd instead of init.d)

sudo wget -O /usr/lib/systemd/system/RinTinTin.service